Sürdürülebilir Yaşam Derneği (SUYADER)
Sürdürülebilir Yaşam Derneği (SUYADER)Sürdürülebilir Yaşam Derneği (SUYADER)Sürdürülebilir Yaşam Derneği (SUYADER)
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Data Literacy For A Sustainable Life

The Data Literacy Association (VOYD) and the Sustainable Living Association (SUYADER) collaborated on data-driven sustainable living.

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Data Literacy Association President Dr. Pınar Dağ, the two institutions develop a data-driven reflex in understanding the future world; He stated that it is an important effort to protect the rights of all species. According to Dağ, who stated that most institutions working in the field of Data Literacy (VO) in the world, technical and legal openness and accessibility of data have an effect on increasing the quality of a sustainable future as in all fields, the societies that can create value from raw data have more They think that they will provide a sustainable benefit and can carry out studies in this area by scaling that it affects the quality of life positively in developing societies.

Stating that his progress by creating public opinion inspired future studies, Dağ said, “While it enables to see open data corruption in journalism; Open data saves lives for food safety and a sustainable life, it directly affects the quality of life. Therefore, I would like to point out that I have no doubt that VOYD-SUYADER will undertake good activities in the future, because the awareness of cooperation is one of the first and most important steps of producing and advancing, especially for institutions in different disciplines. ” said.

President of the Sustainable Life Association Prof. Dr. Emine Aksoydan also emphasized the importance of the cooperation realized. According to Aksoydan, sustainability is a concept that has many dimensions such as environment, health, economy, culture and politics. It is essential for the permanent protection of the planet and its natural resources for the sustainability of life. Aksoydan said, “For effective conservation measures, it is necessary to reveal the current situation from the past to the present with data and to predict what awaits the planet with projections for the future,” said Aksoydan, adding that a livable world can be left for future generations by increasing people’s awareness. Aksoydan added that the cooperation of the Data Literacy Association and SUYADER will make a significant contribution to the initiation and sustainability of the initiatives required for sustainable living.

Cooperation Areas…

Within the framework of the cooperation between the two associations, it was decided to carry out activities, activities, projects, and public interest-oriented activities within the framework of the following issues:

Sustainable Living Association (SUYAD) and Data Literacy Association (VOYD) met officials from time to time discussions of data-driven sustainable quality of life in Turkey,

– To exchange views with the occasional meetings between the two institutions in order to develop the policies implemented in a way that will meet the sector,

-Two between institutions in the world and Turkey for data-driven decision making sustainable progress in the scope of activities of life, to put forward their problems and needs and propose solutions for producing panels, symposiums, conferences and so on. Organizing scientific meetings of quality,

Within the scope of food literacy, the two institutions jointly organize meetings on the importance of the field, meetings, conferences, symposiums etc. for the general public and related circles. Creating the necessary awareness by organizing events,

– Including data collection, compilation and visualization activities in waste reduction and waste studies,

Emphasis on open data in food sovereignty and sustainable life studies,

-Preparing open data and food literacy focused reports, handbooks and promotional kits,

– Conducting activities by two institutions on joint project writing, development and management

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