Sürdürülebilir Yaşam Derneği (SUYADER)
Sürdürülebilir Yaşam Derneği (SUYADER)Sürdürülebilir Yaşam Derneği (SUYADER)Sürdürülebilir Yaşam Derneği (SUYADER)
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“We Have to Take Action for a Sustainable Future”

The Sustainable Living Association (SUYADER) was founded in October 2018 in Ankara by academicians, project management experts and members of various professions interested in sustainability. The association, which realized its first activity on 15-16 March 2019 with the 1st International Sustainable Life Congress, is growing with the support of many organizations at national and international level. We talked to the president of the association, Emine Aksoydan, about the activities carried out by the association in order to build a sustainable future.

Aksoydan stated that among the main activities of the Sustainable Living Association, there are activities to increase the awareness of the society on sustainability, and stated that these studies are scientific meetings, workshops and projects produced within the scope of the subject. Aksoydan signaled the first activity they will organize after the congress with the following words: “We will organize a compost workshop for the utilization / recycling of organic wastes generated in the kitchens of homes in the coming months, and a permaculture design course, which is the basis of sustainable agriculture.” Stating that they are following the calls for projects supported by national and international organizations for environmental protection, Aksoydan stated that they are also carrying out advocacy activities for the addition of compulsory lessons about adopting a nature-friendly lifestyle to primary education programs.

“Sustainable Nutrition Awareness in Turkey Not Enough”

Protect “Sustainable Nutrition” from culturally acceptable, accessible, economically fair and affordable, nutritionally adequate, safe and healthy, against biodiversity and ecosystems for an active and healthy lifestyle, without destroying the resources to meet the needs of future generations and Aksoy defining the shape of a respectful nutrition, he said that not enough awareness on this issue in Turkey.

According to the Food Sustainability Index # 58 of Turkey’s 67 countries, while sustainable agriculture category indicating that ranks 35 among 66 countries from Al, “Excessive agricultural practices, overgrazing, deforestation, poor irrigation practices and so on. activities reduce sustainability by turning fertile lands into arid lands. Food and water security, carbon emissions, biodiversity loss, and political and social risk directly associated with soil degradation is increasing every year is slightly higher than in Turkey. We are one of the countries where food waste is the highest, especially bread, our main food source. As a positive development, we can state that many small farmers continue their conscious agricultural practices and the number of conscious consumers is increasing rapidly ”.

Individual and Social Efforts Related to Sustainability Are Very Important

Stating that the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) announced that all countries should act on this issue by publishing 17 sustainable development goals in January 2016, Aksoydan asked governments, policy makers, agriculture and food industry and most importantly non-governmental organizations to take action. he said it was a call. Stating that they organized the congress as an association within the scope of this call, Aksoydan said, “In addition to supporting this call, the sensitivity of all members of the association to environmental protection and natural resources is one of the most important factors in the emergence of this congress. At the congress we organized this year, we received very positive feedback from academic circles, business world, food manufacturers and especially students. All participants express their wish that the congress will continue in the coming years. In the name of sustainability, it becomes clear that the congress should be organized in the coming years. As the association, we have already started the work of the second congress. ” said.

Stating that the association cooperates with universities, many associations, foundations and businesses in the field of agriculture and food in order to carry out the congress activity, Aksoydan also said that the World Health Organization, Food and Agriculture Organization, United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organization, European Dietetic Association Federation. He stated that they also got the support of international organizations.

“There Is No Alternative To The Planet We Live On”

Reminding that there are limited resources on earth, Aksoydan stated that we should take action to leave a habitable world to future generations and said: “The planet we live on has no alternative and we have used it rudely until today. Without wasting any time, we must act now and go through behavioral changes to protect this planet that we have been entrusted to future generations. Instead of being a consumer, we should be a producer, reduce waste, prevent food and water waste, stop using plastic and disposable products, repair or share our old items instead of throwing them away, reduce the consumption of foods such as red meat with a high carbon footprint and reduce the consumption of vegetables and fruits. We must increase its consumption. We must love and protect nature and all living creatures in nature. “

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